We run a Public charitable Trust in the name of Dr. Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose Founder president Dr.P.Suresh Kumar Started at the Year of 1982 Registered on 2009 ( Ayurveda ).. We help the poor downtrodden people who are below poverty line to get OAP and Ration cards, etc.. We found that the people in many districts finding difficult because they need the basic facilities like street lights, road facilities and drinking water facilities, etc.. We are very humbly to rectify these issues and create a well developed state in future.

We run a child care center for very poor children. In our child care center, we have 40 children’s, One Co-coordinator, two teaching staffs, two non-teaching staffs. We provide free - education, food in the afternoon, uniforms and study materials.

We help poor and needy people to get free land from the state Government.

More over these peoples have no shelter to live (They are downtrodden people). We provided all the Necessary information about people to our state government. We are trying to get a proper shelter for them. We have already informed government by sending Post & Letters. We struggled to get a sanction order and approval from our state government. We have all the government order copies with us also we have attached order copies for your reference. This order is to provide land to poor people. Still we need some approval from certain officers.

Certificates we have

  1. Registration Certificate Number 242/09
  2. Registered under section 12 AA of the Income Tax 1961 , Order No 568/2011-12 &  Under section 80G of IT Act vide order number DIT( E ) No.2 ( 414 )/11-12 ).
  3. Received Honorary Certificate from Central Government Number : L.R. RC No. 4673 /2010 SC No.2768/A NC. NBSS /PFI Govt of  India on 24.12.2010
  4. Received Certificate For NGO – Formation & Development Management.
  5. Press : Chief Reporter in Adhiradi Report ( RNI No.: TNTAM/2008/27039 ) and Member of Secretariat press media Association ( Govt . Regd. No. 169/2014 ).
  6. President of Thiruvallur Ditrict POLICE POTHUMAKKAL Nalluravu Sangam – Tamilnadu ( Govt.Regd.No.151/2004 ).